What is Martial Arts?

The term Martial Arts came from MUDO commonly used in oriental countries. It means Way of Life equipped with Ability to Stop Spear attacking toward Self.
I ended my life as a Judo player with schooling at Tokyo Educational University in 1976. Having trained the very first group of Girls’ Judo Olympians selected and supporting the Korean Government at Seoul P-E High School, I moved to South Dakota University to teach Taekwondo and Judo. In July 1981 I moved to Oak Ridge and opened TTJC, beginning with UT and Westside YMCA, and more than 20 places in Tennessee and Kentucky. During my 40 plus year career, I have made thousands of black belt martial artists.
There is no license or permit granted for a martial arts business. Anyone may open a martial arts gym on their own without any restrictions. However, other than TTJC black belts, there are just a few people aware of the fact that only a few Master instructors (only 1 in 20) are truly capable of protecting themselves from any martial arts attack toward them. The sad thing is many Americans tend to believe the overwhelming business ads and expend too much time and money on useless martial arts that fail in self defense.
To prove it’s supremacy and differentiate from other martial arts, I have run matches since 1978 between any challengers from other martial arts against TTJC blackbelts (even teenagers), and bet on $20k cash prize to whomever beats a TTJC blackbelt. During all the matches over the past 30 years, there have been no winners. Instead, all challengers were either knocked out, or quit during the match.
Most notably, even Brazilian Gracy Brothers who founded such famous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu challenged me on November 3rd, 1996 and quit the fight against me (refer to the News Sentinel new article dated February 3rd, 1997). I think we all are proud of the TTJC program as completely over such a long period of time. The $20k cash prize is still good for the winners from other martial arts against a TTJC black belt. Let me emphasize again that TTJC black belt is the only one proven and validated as a true martial art. I can back this up by referring to Knoxville News Sentinel, WBIR, and radio 104.
TTJC Martial Arts not only outdo the opponent, but also control the fight with the self so that it purports to ultimately help lead to true victory in your life.
Being full of strong fruitfulness from my past 40 plus years of training in true martial arts, I would like to extend all my energy and time on growing TTJC black belts until the last minute of retirement, and I look forward to helping as many candidates as possible.
Come see me and consult on a black belt course.
Grand Master P K Eun, TTJC Founder